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The Story behind AsiaPhoto.com

Who We Are... A network of professional photographers scattered throughout Asia. We share a common passion in photography. We share that passion by helping fellow photographers through knowledge exchange

What We Do. We exchange our knowledge in photography by posting in AsiaPhoto's forum. We share our experience in Asia by blogging with AsiaPhoto.com's blogs.
We provide a social networking, knowledge exchange and educational platform for photographers in Asia.

24/7. Photographers in general don't separate work and play. We love what we do.
If we are out shooting, we will be behind our computers multi-tasking - photoshopping, posting photos online and chatting in AsiaPhoto.com

Our headquarters is in downtown Beijing, China. Most of our photographers and members are in Asia.

Join our community and family of Asian photographers. Simply because we are the best place to explore Asia with photography.


An overview of AsiaPhoto.com's history.
Started originally as a photography e-zine by Lance Lee back in 1997, it was the first regional online community for Photographers in Asia then. It went through many changes as it was commercialized by an investor in late 1997, during the dot-com era. As with most dot-com businesses, it went bust.

In 2008, Lance Lee regained ownership of AsiaPhoto.com. It is now evolving slowly to be a hub for Asian Photography.


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